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By Demetrius Williams

'Enemies of the go' employs classical rhetorical research to envision how Paul constructions a deliberative argument utilizing his realizing of the 'cross of Christ'. His objectives are to guide/advise the Philippian neighborhood via inner and exterior strife (ch. 2), wrestle his competitors (ch.3), and boost his proposal of the eschatological group (3:18-21). Williams proposes that whereas Paul has a 'theology of the loss of life of Jesus', of which pass terminology is among the many elements, this terminology is used virtually completely in polemical/conflictual contexts. accordingly Paul seems to be utilizing 'cross of Christ' now not loads as a doctrine yet relatively as a rhetorical instrument, in a context of clash and strife, to help his knowing of eschatology, apostolic carrier, the character of Christian lifestyles, and group one of the saints.

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This discursive element and usage of the cross has been overlooked. The theological implications have taken precedence over the discursive. This message of the cross was employed in his mission and preaching among the Gentiles. It also appears to be a primary rhetorical tool of argumentation in certain contingent situations. This issue will be taken up later in this chapter. 49 We have seen above the close associations of the cross and resurrection in Pauline thought. How is this sorted out? Kasemann notes that for Paul Jesus' resurrection is not understood as the revivification of a dead person, but as the inauguration of the general resurrection of the 48.

59. 60. Kasemann, 'For and Against', p. 59. Beker, Paul the Apostle, p. 198. Kasemann, 'For and Against', p. 69. Kiinneth, The Theology of the Resurrection, p. 152. Beker, Paul the Apostle, p. 199. Kiinneth, The Theology of the Resurrection, pp. 151-52. 1. Aoyos TOU Iraupou 25 same holds true for the reverse. 62 Sometimes Jesus' death is viewed as self-giving (mxpaSovTOs ECXUTOV \JTT6p EJJOU, Gal. 20), at other times it is God who gives (aAAdc uTTEp r||jcov TTavTcov TTapE5coKEV [ 0 E 6 S ] aurov, Rom.

The terminology of the cross supports Paul's own example of weakness and humility against the claims of the 'super-apostles'. Some may perceive both Jesus and Paul as weak, but this is a misconception according to Paul: Tor we are weak in him [Jesus Christ], but in dealing with you we shall live with him by the power of God' (v. 4b). 106 Paul's ethos is established through the concepts of weakness, suffering and humility, all of which fall under the shadow and influence of cross terminology. 110 The brief examination of 2 Corinthians has shown that this does not necessarily indicate the intensity of the debate, but the strategy Paul perceives as 106.

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