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By Patricia Buckley Ebrey

China was once the main complicated kingdom on this planet whilst Huizong ascended the throne in 1100 CE. In his eventful twenty-six-year reign, the artistically talented emperor guided the music Dynasty towards cultural greatness. but Huizong will be recognized to posterity as a political failure who misplaced the throne to Jurchen invaders and died their prisoner. the 1st entire English-language biography of this significant monarch, Emperor Huizong is a nuanced portrait that corrects the present view of Huizong as decadent and negligent. Patricia Ebrey recasts him as a ruler certainly ambitious--if an excessive amount of so--in pursuing glory for his flourishing realm.

After a rocky commence attempting to triumph over political animosities at courtroom, Huizong grew to become his awareness to the great he may perhaps do. He significantly elevated the court's charitable ventures, founding colleges, hospitals, orphanages, and paupers' cemeteries. An complete artist, he surrounded himself with amazing poets, painters, and musicians and outfitted palaces, temples, and gardens of unsurpassed attractiveness. what's usually neglected, Ebrey issues out, is the significance of spiritual Daoism in Huizong's realizing of his position. He taken care of Daoist non secular masters with nice deference, wrote scriptural commentaries, and prompt his topics to undertake his ideals and practices. This devotion to the Daoist imaginative and prescient of sacred kingship ultimately alienated the Confucian mainstream and compromised his skill to govern.

Readers will welcome this full of life biography, which provides new dimensions to our realizing of a passionate and paradoxical ruler who, such a lot of centuries later, maintains to encourage either admiration and disapproval.

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It would be Zhezong’s son, not one of their sons, who would be the next emperor. Even as a very young child, it can be assumed that Huizong’s nursemaids took him on daily visits to Empress Dowager Xiang and Grand Empress Dowager Gao, his legal mother and grandmother, and probably also to his elder brother Zhezong. 28 Along with his brothers, Huizong periodically received promotions in rank, title, and privileges. When just twelve months old, he was enfiefed as a duke with a nominal fief of three thousand households and actual income from one thousand households.

The gate’s five sets of doors were painted red and decorated with goldcolored nails. 3 The Virtue Revealed Gate was the threshold marking the boundary between the emperor’s quarters and the populace of the city of Kaifeng, indeed of the entire Song empire. The emperor regularly took advantage of the gate’s symbolic significance to show his concern for his subjects by appearing there. Every year in the fi rst month, at the Lantern Festival, the street in front of the palace became the site of a festival, and the emperor and a few members of his family would come to the gate to watch the display from the upper story.

In the 1030s, the high-ranking official Yan Su presented a six-panel screen of landscapes he had painted himself, which was placed behind the chair reserved for the emperor, should he choose to visit. 8 As a child Huizong would have spent most of his time in the rear, more residential, section of the Palace City, with its exquisite gardens. During the reign of Huizong’s father Shenzong, the eunuch Song Yongchen had supervised a renovation of Jasper Ford Pavilion in the Rear Garden. He had a special pavilion brought hundreds of kilometers from Hangzhou in south China and had a new pool dug out.

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