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Connecting capacitors in series results in a reduction of the total effective capacitance to a value less than that of the smallest capacitance in the chain. 29. 29. Capacitors in series charge takes place. The total charge on two interconnected plates, however, is zero; the electric field causes electrons to leave one plate, and hence that plate becomes positively charged. The plate to which the electrons are attracted becomes negatively charged. The two charges are equal in magnitude, but are of opposite sign.

41 m A . e. 235. e. 41. 65 m A . 2 mW. 6. 21. 21. 6. 35 kü load removed. With the load removed and the generators suppressed the impedance looking into the terminals x,y is the parallel combination of 6 k n , 4 k f t , 2kO and 5kO. e. 12 mS. e. 89 kO. To find the current generated by the constantcurrent Norton generator we short the terminals x,y. This means that the 4 k O and 5 kft resistors are effectively shorted. e. 5 m A . 35 kO load is connected, in inverse ratio to the resistance values.

When used in this way an inductor is often referred to as a choke. Chokes, or inductors, for use in power supplies must present a large opposition to the flow of alternating current whose frequency is low. The frequency of the supply is only 50 Hz (60 Hz in the U S A ) and the ripple frequency is usually twice the supply frequency, namely, 100 Hz. To present a sufficiently large impedance at such low frequencies, the inductance must be large. ) To achieve such a high inductance in coils of reasonable physical size, the coil is wound around a core of magnetically soft iron.

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