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By F. A. Benson D.Eng., Ph.D., F.I.E.E., Sen.M.I.E.E., F.Illum.E.S. (auth.)

Electrical-engineering and electronic-engineering scholars have often to unravel and simplify relatively advanced circuits with a view to comprehend them or to procure numerical effects and a legitimate wisdom of simple circuit conception is as a result crucial. the writer is particularly a lot in favour of tutorials and the fixing of difficulties as a mode of schooling. event indicates that many engineering scholars come upon problems once they first follow their theoretical wisdom to functional difficulties. Over a interval of approximately two decades the writer has accumulated a great number of difficulties on electrical circuits whereas giving lectures to scholars attending the 1st post-intermediate years of Uni­ versity engineering classes. the aim of this ebook is to provide those difficulties (a overall of 365) including many options (some difficulties, with solutions, given on the finish of every bankruptcy, are left as pupil routines) within the desire that they are going to turn out of price to different academics and scholars. recommendations are separated from the issues so they are usually not noticeable by chance. the answer's given on the finish of every challenge, even if, for comfort. elements of the ebook are in line with the author's past paintings electric Engineering issues of recommendations which was once released in 1954.

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What value of the effective self-capacitance would make it accurately non-inductive at a frequency of 50 Hz? Would this coil be accurate if used in a circuit carrying a current at a frequency of 1 MHz? [Ans. ] 129. Estimate the current that will flow through a coil having an inductance of 0·02 H and a resistance of 5 n when connected to a 200-V supply at a frequency of 50 Hz. Find the capacitance of a capacitor which, when connected in series with a 5-0 resistor, will take the same current as the coil.

The mutual inductance between two circuits A and B is 0·1 H and the resistance of each circuit is 100 Q. The self inductance of circuit B is 0·8 H. The current in A is made to increase uniformly with time from 0 to 10 A in 0·1 s and to remain constant after this period. Plot the variation of the current in B with time measured from the instant that the current in A begins to flow. What is the value of the current in B after 0·01 s? [Ans. 0·071 A] 82. c. supply. Draw a curve showing the rise of current in the coil with time measured from the instant when the supply switch is closed.

D) the final energy stored in the capacitor. (e) the energy dissipated by the resistor. [Ans. (a) 0·4 A; (b) 0; (c) 200(1 - e- 250t ); {d) 0·16J; (e) 0·16 J] 91. A 10-H inductor and a l-kO resistor are connected in parallel across a 200-A current source. The current supply is then suddenly switched off. Find (after switching off): (a) the initial values of current and voltage in the resistor. (b) the circuit time constant. (c) the energy lost in the resistor. [Ans. (a) 200 A; 200 kV; (b) IOms; (c) 2 X lOs J] 92.

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