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By Yiannis Papadakis

The narrative of Cyprus' fresh heritage has created a number of attitudes and prejudices which run deep yet that have by no means earlier than been explored on a human point. Now for the 1st time Yiannis Papadakis, firmly planted within the Greek Cypriot global, units out to find "The Other"-- the a lot maligned Turks. Papadakis delves into the 2 groups, locked of their at the same time contemptuous embody, to discover their universal humanity and to appreciate what has divided them.

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Whereas, I had known Karagiozis as the quintessential Greek, as Greek as mousakka, tzatziki and doner kebab. Karagiozis, as I knew him, was the star of shadow theatre, a traditional form of art that as a child I never missed on TV. Karagiozis was a strange kind of hero, more of an anti-hero really. He always made a fool of himself, and of everyone around him. The se�ing usually showed 32 echoes from the dead zone Karagiozis’ poor hut on one side and the tall, imposing palace of the O�oman ruler on the other.

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6) They deviously stab their outnumbered opponent in the back, and ruthlessly kill women and children. 7) They torture people. 8) They stand still in amazement when their opponent approaches them with a number of forward somersaults. 9) They have no established traditional fighting skills. 10) They do not make love and women do not fall in love with them. They rape instead. 11) They have names that are commonly found among the current Greek minority in Turkey. 12) They lose. How to spot the Turkish women: 1) Good looking, no make-up, girl-from-the-village type.

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