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By Jonathan Grix, Paul Cooke

Advent - the character of analysis - The 'Nuts and Bolts' of analysis - Getting began in examine - The development Blocks of analysis - Introducing the foremost learn Paradigms - the categories and makes use of of thought in learn - Introducing study tools - educational criteria, Plagiarism and Ethics in study - end: precis of Key issues - Appendix 1: phases of analysis - Appendix 2: word list of phrases - Bibliography.

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They have learned to live in a social order characterised by high geographic and social mobility; employment 'flexibility' and insecurity; growing subordination to and awareness of global economic forces; heightened individualisation and social fragmentation; social communication almost exclusively through commercialised electronic mass media; and increasing possibilities of consumption as the primary mode of social legitimation. Although such a social order with its concomitant values may be familiar to members of Western advanced or post-industrial societies, for East Germans it represents a radical break from their life experience with a stagnant, if not static, communitarian, penurious socio-economic order.

15 One notable point of comparison between Eastern and Western households is that Eastern households habitually put more money away as savings. 4 per cent by Westerners. As household income rose, though, so did the East-West savings differential. 0 per cent.

9 In East Germany, then, the strategy of regime legitimation through consumer society failed. The range, quality and availability of goods in the shops was always considered inadequate and there were often long waiting lists for large items such as cars. By the time of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, the FRG was unchallengeable in its position as material reference culture for the other Germany. e. 11 East-West consumption trends: convergence and divergence Can Eastern consumers be distinguished from their Western counterparts?

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