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By Thomas J. Cutler

When Commander Benjamin Duuon, U.S. military. wrote his first variation oi Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. it prohablv didn't take place to him that his booklet may develop into one ot the peats of navigation, carrying on with on tor extra ihan three-quarters ot a een-tury and having fun with a name surpassed onlv b\ thai of the two-hundred-veai previous America)* functional Navigator bv Nathaniel Bowditch. initially written lor midshipmen al the U.S. Naval Academy, Duttons first version used to be released in J ^26 by means of the L.S- Naval Institute and has persevered via fifteen variants, together with this one. having fun with the clean perception ol new authors whereas preserving many ot the traits of the unique paintings, the publication continues to be used largely through military navigators, yet its acceptance has extended to incorporate many different nautical navigators of maritime and leisure boating.

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