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To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES in simple terms. an outline of the motives of history's so much scary sea mess ups.

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Many villages depended on the sea. Now, people could not fish there. They had no other way to make a living. The oil killed birds as well as fish and shellfish. Many of these birds were rare. Workers patched up some of the underwater holes in the ship. This stopped the oil leaking out. But it did not solve the problem. A sunken ship rots away over time. The metal rusts. More holes will appear. And more oil will leak out. Oil may continue to leak from the Prestige for years. 59 Jessica, 2001 The Galapagos Islands are famous for their giant tortoises.

They pulled out the fire hoses. But the hoses had rotted away. They were useless. The hoses burst when the water was turned on. The fire spread quickly. The front of the ship was in flames. People panicked. Children and their parents were terrified. They ran to the back of the ship. The captain kept the ship moving at full speed. He wanted to get to land quickly. Then the people could get off the burning ship. However, there were many oil tanks on the docks. He could not land near them. The fire from the ship would cause an explosion.

The grand ocean liner sank in less than 20 minutes. About 1,200 of the almost 2,000 people on board were killed. Bismarck, May 1941 The Bismarck was a World War II German battleship. It had a crew of about 2,300 soldiers. The Bismarck fought in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. A British warship sank during that battle. The Bismarck survived the battle. But it needed some repairs. The ship headed toward France. It could be fixed there. 52 On the way, other British battleships attacked it. It took the British less than two hours to sink the Bismarck.

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