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By Clyde W. Burleson

Content material:

, Pages vi-vii
Chapter 1 - development personality: storm Camille

, Pages 1-12
Chapter 2 - firstly: From Titusville to the Deep Blue

, Pages 13-31
Chapter three - Off the Land and into the Water

, Pages 33-45
Chapter four - The Tidelands factor: The struggle for a Fortune in Offshore Oil

, Pages 47-54
Chapter five - CUSS and the World's First Drillship

, Pages 55-68
Chapter 6 - Into Gulf Waters

, Pages 69-84
Chapter 7 - undertaking Mohole: Tripping to Hell and Back

, Pages 85-100
Chapter eight - A Fleet of Drillships

, Pages 101-111
Chapter nine - A Time of overseas progress and Innovation

, Pages 113-121,I-VIII
Chapter 10 - an international clinical Challenge

, Pages 123-133
Chapter eleven - to head the place nobody Had long past prior to, Then Do the Impossible

, Pages 135-147
Chapter 12 - From growth to Bust within the Oil Patch

, Pages 149-175
Chapter thirteen - Into the following Cycle — Genesis

, Pages 177-188
Chapter 14 - The Deep Frontier — taking a look Forward

, Pages 189-195
Appendix - the best way to Drill an Oil good in the course of the sea: a brief Primer

, Pages 197-203
A particularly warm Thanks

, Page 205

, Pages 207-219

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Attorney general filed a court action. From the initial ruling through subsequent appeals, the point was fought through the judicial system. Somewhat defused by World War II, and no longer news compared with bulletins from the front lines, the tidelands topic was temporarily shelved but far from forgotten. The pot began boiling again when Harry S Truman ascended to the highest office after the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. The new president, in one of his early actions, quickly 48 asserted federal claim to the entire continental shelf, the seafloor which extends outward from land to the beginning of the ocean's depths.

In 1952 the United States produced about seven million barrels of oil per day. Only 70,000 barrels, or approximately one percent, were being recovered from submerged lands. Three-quarters of that came from under the seas off Califomia while the rest was taken in the Gulf of Mexico. 5 million in royalty payments had been escrowed and were awaiting distribution to either the states or the federal govemment. Subsequent court fights held up payment to the states for many months. In the end, Califomia received $47 million, Louisiana approximately $15 million, and Texas realized $500,000.

Drilling at today's 29 depths, in our present environment and economy, presents far greater challenges than those met by the redoubtable Colonel Drake. Anyone who has watched a good rig crew "trip" a string of drill pipe out of the hole understands. As the pipe comes up, big droplets of brownish drilling mud fly through the air, splattering into dirty splotches on every surface. Faces tight and streaming with sweat, even in cold weather, men work at a relentless pace, breaking every third pipe joint apart with huge tongs.

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