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By David Abbott

Darkish Albion: A Requiem for the English is being acclaimed as an underground vintage. In 33 witty essays jam-packed with perception and humour, the writer, a Cockney pensioner, portrays immigration as obvious and skilled via the likes of him. Following an introductory essay, he graphically describes "the coming of the English" in 449, covers the present state of affairs in all its ramifications, and ends with a beautiful Orwellian essay on England in 2066, throughout the reign of "William the Conquered".

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It was noticeable that the settlers encroached. ’ Their wide distribution led to puzzled speculation more than their original sudden appearance. By 1976 a cricket Test match between England and the West Indies at The Oval in south London was regarded by the West Indies as a ‘home venue’, a feeling enhanced by the Caribbean heat of that summer. Only then, three decades after the first arrivals came, did there begin to arise serious widespread misgivings among the indigenous people. As the West Indians multiplied, their presence affected more and more English people, and so more noticed how loud and flamboyant they were in an un-English way.

The family feuding that ruined dynasties became a major problem when the Viking raids began in 835. During the next three decades attacks from Scandinavia came almost yearly, culminating in the arrival of a full-scale invading army, which the disorganised kingdoms were ill-prepared to repel. It was hard for any ninth-century king to improvise an effective programme of resistance to invaders who could disembark 5,000 seasoned fighting-men at any one of a score of undefended ports. The once-great kingdoms of Northumbria and East Anglia ceased to exist.

But nobody felt any alarm about them, and the first wave of interest soon ebbed away. Blacks were, admittedly, a bit weird - but that was, after all, just because they were novelties. People had felt the same about novelties of other days - about kangaroos, giraffes, giant lizards… In time, the public grew out of thinking negroes freakish. They could be amusing but not greatly interesting. Attempting to understand their accent was usually more trouble than it was worth. In the general ignorance naturally some falsehoods thrived.

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