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By Louis Komjathy

Daoism is an international spiritual and cultural phenomenon characterised through multiculturalism and ethnic variety. Daoism: A advisor for the Perplexed bargains a transparent and thorough survey of this historic and glossy non secular culture. The booklet contains an summary of Daoist heritage, together with key participants and routine, translations of basic Daoist texts, and discussions of key dimensions of Daoist religiosity, protecting fundamental issues and defining features of the religion.

Specifically designed to fulfill the desires of scholars and basic readers looking an intensive realizing of the faith, this ebook is the suitable advisor to learning and figuring out Daoism as a lived and residing spiritual community.

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Despite this, little has been said about animals as subjects, as fellow travellers in the cycle of rebirth and redeath. Having briefly surveyed the doctrinal positions, we may now turn our attention to a rare source for our understanding of animals as moral agents: the narrative materials. Buddhist and Jain texts 10 11 12 I am grateful to L. S. Cousins and Rupert Gethin (personal communications 2012) for clarifying the Theravāda and Sarvāstivāda views, and for providing supporting references. For the Theravāda position see Abhidhammāvatāra V 206–7 (Buddhadatta 1915: 37), a manual attributed to Buddhadatta Mahāthera, thought to be a contemporary of Buddhaghosa.

31 This rebirth is the result not of simple proximity to the teacher, but of comprehension of Jain teachings and a decision to pay honour to the Jain teachers. Other animals go even further, practising fasting or taking on the lay vows, as does the frog in the story recounted above. 32 That is not to say that animals cannot be aided by association with a spiritually advanced human teacher, but rather that loyalty or service to that teacher, or indeed a mind calmed or made faithful by their presence, is neither sufficient nor necessary for the attainment of a better rebirth in the Jain context.

Up a treacherous mountain path the caravan leader Having ridden goats instructs everyone to slay their goat, eat the flesh and climb into the skin. Then the flesh-eating birds will mistake them for lumps of meat and carry them over the mountain ridge. Cārudatta is appalled, and begs for the life of his goat, who has carried him so far, to be spared. The other merchants move to kill the goat for him, and as the poor animal gazes at him Cārudatta tells him that he must be experiencing his bad karma and that he should keep his mind on the omniscient ones.

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