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By Macarena Hernández Salmerón, Diego Romero-Ávila

This publication investigates the lifestyles of stochastic and deterministic convergence of genuine output in line with employee and the resources of output (physical capital in step with employee, human capital according to employee, overall issue productiveness –TFP– and normal annual hours labored) in 21 OECD international locations over the interval 1970-2011. in the direction of this finish, the authors observe a wide battery of panel unit root and stationarity checks, all of that are strong to the presence of cross-sectional dependence. The facts fails to supply straight forward facts of convergence dynamics both in actual GDP in keeping with employee or within the sequence of the resources of output. because of a few obstacles linked to second-generation panel unit root and stationarity checks, the authors extra use the extra versatile PANIC method which supplies proof that actual GDP according to employee, actual actual capital in step with employee, human capital and normal annual hours express a point of deterministic convergence, while TFP sequence show a excessive measure of stochastic convergence.

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The estimation and testing procedures are based on the de-factored data which are obtained by a projection onto the space orthogonal to the factor loadings. Thus, defactored data no longer exhibit cross-dependence. Under the null, the two panel unit root tests follow a standard normal distribution for T and N tending to infinity8: pffiffiffiffi N Tð^ qþ pool À 1Þ d rffiffiffiffiffiffi ta ¼ ! Nð0; 1Þ ð3:18Þ ^4 2/ e ^ 4e x pffiffiffiffi tb ¼ N Tð^ qþ pool À 1Þ sffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi ^2 d 1 0 Þ xe !

In addition, Pesaran combines p-values of CADFi to compute the inverse Chi-square test statistic CP ¼ P P À2 Ni¼1 lnðpiT Þ and the inverse normal test CZ ¼ N À1=2 Ni¼1 UÀ1 ðpiT Þ, where piT is the p-value associated with CADFi. In the presence of cross-sectional dependence, these statistics no longer follow standard distributions and the critical values must be simulated for various sample sizes. 8 Harris et al. (2005) Panel Stationarity Statistic Harris et al. (2005) propose a panel stationarity test that is able to handle time-series and cross-sectional dynamics, thereby allowing for heterogeneity in the deterministics across units.

For the Moon and Perron (2004) and Harris et al. (2005) statistics we set the maximum number of factors to 5. 75) for the specification without trends. 59) for the specification with trends. These critical values are computed for T = 50 and N = 20. 499 Notes The bootstrap critical values for Hadri’s test are computed employing 20,000 bootstrap replications. LM (Homogeneous) and LM (Heterogeneous) denote the panel KPSS test of Hadri (2000) for the case of homogeneity and heterogeneity in the estimation of the long-run variance, respectively.

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