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By Ralph Stacey

This article seeks to illustrate what management capability in an atmosphere the place entire keep watch over isn't really attainable. Explaining what self-organization ability in human structures, it presents a version of the educational association that takes under consideration the real-life anxieties which are concerned.

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Page 19 PART ONE THE COMPLEX NATURE OF HUMAN NETWORKS This book claims that the science of complexity offers a comprehensive new framework for drawing together a number of already existing insights about human systems into a coherent theory of organizational evolution that is dramatically different from the one currently dominating our thinking. The first step in sustaining this claim must, therefore, be to demonstrate that human systems are indeed the kind of system that the science of complexity deals with.

All are complex adaptive systems, each one fitting into another. This way of looking at the world certainly resonates with my experience, but it would also resonate with that of an ant or any Page 11 of nature's other species if, that is, they resonate, and I am told that they do. The science of complexity has so far focused primarily on the evolution of life and the behavior of chemical and physical systems. It has been developed by mathematicians and computer scientists, by physicists and chemists of great eminence like Murray Gell-Mann and Ilya Prigogine, the Nobel Prize laureates, and by other eminent scientists such as Stuart Kauffman, Christopher Langton, and John Holland at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico; researchers at the Center for Complex Studies at the University of Illinois; and Brian Goodwin, at the Open University in the United Kingdom.

Each of us has a brain that is a complex adaptive system in which neurons are the agents. Each of us has a mind that is a complex adaptive system in which symbols and images are the agents. When we come together as a group we constitute a complex adaptive system in both a biological and a mental sense. It follows that all organizations are such systems. Organizations interact to form a national economic, societal, and political system, and national systems interact to form a global system, which interacts with natural systems to form an interconnected ecology, which now seems to be warming up.

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