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Written through Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover artwork through Michal Ivan

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Further evidence, all of it anecdotal, indicates that such incidents happened to Ravnos around the world. At the time, we worried more that someone was slipping PCP-LSD cocktails to our herd, but abstinence didn't seem to help. CLANBOOK: RAVNOS 34 On the fourth night, it got really bad. I guess the best "new age" way to describe the event is as if a psychic bomb went off. It happened during the day, but all of us awoke when it hit. I didn't get much rest for that day. Come nightfall, things grew much worse.

The fact is, we Ravnos don't have to give in to every sudden impulse. With effort, most of us can fight down the urge and move on, at least for a while. The Ravnos who ignores it for too long feels a CLANBOOK: RAVNOS 48 gnawing ache, like the thirst for blood. CHoose YOUR CRIMP* '^,. '• The Ravnos stereotype is the thief — Ravnos find herself subject to temptation more and more characters are expected to steal things as part of often until she gives in. How often a Ravnos gives in their weakness — but this trait isn't very evocative depends on each individual's degree of self-control unless handled in an interesting or different way.

Chandalas often receive opportunities to improve their standing through onerous and odious duties—for example, arranging to gather and cremate the bodies of mortals considered likely to rise again as Eastern Kindred. Most Ravnos unlucky enough to be declared Chandalas have simply left India rather than suffer under such a stigma. CLANBOOK: RAVNOS 42 SUDRAS The Sudras are not a true j'ati, and no Ravnos is considered to be Sudra. Ravnos ghouls are consid- ered Sudras and therefore beneath the Embrace.

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