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By Simon Dunstan

Conceived on the peak of worldwide struggle II, the British Centurion and the Soviet T-55 have been at the start anticipated to counter the bold Panther and Tiger tanks of Germany. yet because the chilly struggle spread out, those machines ready in its place for the arriving fight among NATO and the Warsaw Pact. although they by no means fought in Europe, those tanks turned the mainstay of the chilly War's proxy forces around the globe. From Korea to the center East and directly to Angola, those armored opponents clashed again and again, attaining their crescendo at the Golan Heights throughout the Yom Kippur warfare the place 177 Centurions of the IDF took on a significantly more suitable Arab strength. This e-book compares the layout, improvement and deployment of those vintage tanks, and analyses their battlefield functionality. offered with hugely designated electronic paintings, this can be a tightly centred examine of 2 of the chilly War's first major conflict tanks.

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A total of 250 Pattons was shipped to Israel between 1960 and 1964 including a quantity directly from the United States on a clandestine basis. Since much of the IDF’s equipment including tanks and aircraft were produced in France, Israel wanted to diversify her arms suppliers as she did not fully trust any European government to be constant in the face of Arab political pressure, particularly in the provision of vital ammunition. Accordingly, Israel also approached Britain with the wish to procure Centurion tanks as a quid pro quo for her involvement in the Suez campaign.

Those with technical qualifications were assigned to specific units, such as air traffic control, as the IDF deemed fit. In the IAC, the recruit then underwent four months of basic training in the Armored School before being sent to a regular tank unit to undertake his three years of service, or two for a female. qxd:Centurion vs T-55 31/7/09 14:05 Page 35 whether it be driver, loader or gunner. In general, those with the greater hand/eye coordination were chosen as gunners since tank gunnery was paramount within the IAC.

In addition, its numerous tels or extinct volcanic cones, up to 200 metres in height and overlooking the Damascus Plain where the bulk of the Syrian forces were stationed, made excellent vantage points for observation and firing positions. Only in the south was the terrain really suitable for tanks. The Israeli defences were based on the ‘Purple Line’ that ran from the Jordanian border in the south to the slopes of Mount Hermon in the north: the Purple Line took its name from the colour on UN maps that marked the zone of separation between the two belligerents following the Six Day War.

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