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By George R. Hughes

This catalogue is meant to be just a record of the Brooklyn Museum's choice of 212 Demotic Egyptian texts. offers either the Museum and Demoticists often with an inventory of the whole lot plus in simple terms such details as might make the checklist worthy. it's not meant to be an entire e-book of the texts with the standard complete transliteration, translation, notes, and images or drawings. fairly, samples of every kind of textual content (papyri, ostraca, inscribed stone and wood items) are illustrated at the plates and simply the extra fascinating passages within the texts are given in transliteration and translation. The booklet concludes with key observe, identify, identify, and geographical identify indices.

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3. ” 60. 1865E = NYHS An O. 124 Thebes — Illustration: Date: — Year 19, Phamenoth 12 (of Ptolemy II Philadelphus) DESCRIPTION Published in Malinine, “Taxes funéraires,” pp. , pl. 1 no. 4. html CATALOG OF TEXTS (CAT. NOS. 1–213) 21 61. 1858E = NYHS An O. 117 Thebes — Illustration: Date: — Year 21, Epeiph (of Ptolemy II Philadelphus) DESCRIPTION Published in Malinine, “Taxes funéraires,” pp. , pl. 1 no. 1. ” The final “1” is beyond question. 62. 1856E = NYHS An O. 115 Thebes — Illustration: — Date: Year 23, Epeiph 30 of Ptolemy II Philadelphus and Ptolemy, his son DESCRIPTION Published in Malinine, “Taxes funéraires,” p.

NOS. 1–213) 13 28. 6 cm at bottom. ” The other piece, cat. no. 29, is smaller. Parts of two columns of text have double vertical lines separating them. The reverse is blank. It is apparently an omen text. TEXT A sample of the text reads: Column II 7. If he is placed (w|h≥) upon the ground before […] 8. If he meets a man who is walking […] 9. If he sits upon the ground be[fore …] 29. 3 cm Plate 17 Roman DESCRIPTION The smaller of two pieces under the same accession number, the other being cat. no.

6. P|-whr son of P|-wr and his son have brought to the granary of Apollonides for the sesame harvest tax (h≤r ßmw n |ky) of year 1 2 2/3 (artabes) of sesame, (their half) being 1 1/3, being 2 2/3 again, by the oipe-measure. Written in year 2 of Tiberius Caesar Sebastos, Pachons 17. REFERENCES See cat. no. 97 for the same taxpayer. See Lichtheim, Dem. Os. M. , nos. 86 – 89 and 91– 93, for the same granary. html CATALOG OF DEMOTIC TEXTS IN THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM 36 INDETERMINABLE TAXES AND DUES (Cat.

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