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The Ambassadors of the Unconquered sunlight tourists, diplomats and spies, the Eclipse Castes of the sun Exalted are the emissaries of the sun Tribe. but, those far-ranging wayfarers are greater than simply negotiators and retailers. With its realizing of human nature and its talents on the bargaining desk, the Eclipse Caste serves because the key consultant to the extra militant castes. The Envoys of Righteousness Caste ebook: Eclipse is the 5th Caste publication for Exalted - books detailing the differing castes of the sunlight Exalted. inside of its pages are the entire secrets and techniques of the Eclipse Castes, from the proper and unbreakable oath they could administer to their fragmentary thoughts of the 1st Age to the mastery of the social strategy that they wield. This e-book additionally comprises the recent magical powers, ideas and artifacts that Eclipse Caste characters might want to perform their diplomatic missions.

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Written via Dennis Baker, Jay Loomis, Alex Putnam, Adam Roy, Tork Shaw, and Larry Wilhelm
Cover paintings by means of Michal Ivan

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You can look over the various “exceptions to the rule” listed in Mage: The Awakening (the spells that don’t conform to the normal dot levels for their respective Practices) to get an idea of what kinds of magics generally get scaled up. For instance, most Fraying magics don’t get bumped up to more powerful dot levels; such spells generally just become Unraveling or Unmaking effects. (There are exceptions, though, such as the Prime 3 “Celestial Fire” spell, which simply becomes a lethal Fraying attack at Prime 4 and an aggravated Fraying attack at Prime 5).

Can he afford to run the risk that a Sleeper is nearby? The same sorts of choices are inherent in a Mana cost versus a lack of one, or in an extended casting, as opposed to an instant one, as well as committing a turn to grappling a foe. Assessing Aptitude When a mage walks in the door and announces herself as a second-degree master, who’s to know if she’s telling the truth or not? People like to receive recognition for their accomplishments, and mages are no exception. ) Sadly, there are those who will settle for receiving acclaim for things that they have not actually accomplished, and there are also Awakened all too willing to fall into that trap.

Such willworkers are seen by their peers to be an almost constant threat to the secrecy of the Mysteries, and, unless these mages are simply too powerful to be dealt with directly, tend to be either exiled, imprisoned or killed in short order. In some cases, when a dedicated vulgar caster proves to be too much trouble to handle, mages are known to turn to strange, sometimes even dangerous, alliances in order to stop the vulgar casters’ ability to compromise the secrecy of the hidden world. Some tragic tales tell of treaties with Seers of the Throne, Banishers and even Scelesti.

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