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New York: Franklin Watts, 2005. Corbett, David. A History of Cars. Milwaukee, WI: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2006. Cunningham, David. The History of the Automobile. Chanhassen, MN: The Child’s World, 2005. com See what’s new at the Syracuse, New York, museum Who Invented the Automobile? html Read about fascinating automobile firsts and famous innovators I N N O VAT I O N I N TR A N SP O R TATI O N 32 accessories. See features. , 17 speeds, 4–5, 10, 13 Stanley Steamer, 8–9 starters, 9, 10–11, 29 steam-powered automobiles, 8–9 Tesla sports cars, 21 test-drive tracks, 15 transmissions, 10 V-8 engines, 13 oil, 7, 9, 21 Olds, Ransom, 26 About the Author James M.

Nicknamed “Boss Ket,” he was named vice president of General Motors Research Corporation after DELCO and General Motors merged in 1920. I N N O VAT I O N I N TR A N SP O R TATI O N 30 apprenticed (uh-PREN-tisst) learned a trade by working with someone skilled for a specified period of time asphalt (ASS-fawlt) a common material used to pave roads and highways assembly line (uh-SEM-blee LINE) a series of work stations in a factory where the product moves from one worker to the next brakes (BRAYKS) mechanical or hydraulic systems that cause a vehicle to stop when a pedal is pushed cylinder (SIL-uhn-dur) part of an engine that is shaped like a tube electric starter (i-LEK-trik START-ur) an electric motor used to crank a gasoline engine so it will begin running gears (GIHRZ) small wheels with teeth that join with other gears inside a transmission hybrids (HYE-bridz) vehicles that run on a combination of battery (electric) power and gasoline patent (PAT-uhnt) a legal document giving an inventor the sole rights to manufacture and sell his or her invention planetary (PLAN-uh-tair-ee) a type of transmission used in Ford’s Model T propulsion (pruh-PUHL-shuhn) the act of propelling, or moving something forward transmission (trans-MISH-uhn) set of gears that delivers engine power to the wheels Cars 31 BOOKS Collier, James Lincoln.

Cars Some Famous Innovator s 29 Great innovators know how to overcome challenges. Kettering struggled with poor eyesight, but he went on to make important contributions in the automotive industry. Charles F. Kettering Best known for his electric starter, Charles Kettering was a creative inventor. After earning an engineering degree, he went on to become a co-founder of DELCO (Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company). While at DELCO, he contributed to many automotive innovations. Nicknamed “Boss Ket,” he was named vice president of General Motors Research Corporation after DELCO and General Motors merged in 1920.

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