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By Christian Schittich (ed.)

This quantity makes a speciality of the wide-ranging facets of facade layout, from the choice and use of fabrics to the complicated technical chances now open to the architect. a big selection of conscientiously chosen overseas examples convey the speculation within the perform.

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The load-bearing exterior skins are generally bend- and compression-resistant constructions, fashioned from clay, masonry or reinforced steel, but also from glass. 12 timber walls with logs or planks, typically found in traditional buildings in the alpine regions, should also be mentioned in this context. Half-timbered buildings are in a category of their own, since “load-bearing” and “space-enclosure” occur within the same layer, although the load transfer is effected by means of the wooden truss framework.

Building Load-bearing structure Technical services Spatial sequence Building skin Comfort factors as parameters for building skin design Facade Roof Ventilation systems Sunscreen systems Daylight systems Insulation systems Energy systems Overall building system 30 One of the primary tasks of the building skin is to regulate the prevailing conditions in the surrounding external atmosphere in order to ensure comfortable conditions in the interior. In view of the additional energy required for the operation of mechanical building systems, any such installation should be understood as a subsidiary system that acts to support the envelope in order to guarantee sufficient interior comfort.

High-performance computers and new testing methods complement the options for glass applications in construction, advancing the production of transparent all-glass structures. The advanced development and optimization of synthetic materials exemplifies the potential changes, which the functional, structural and design characteristics of the building skin may undergo in the future. Thus the development of ETFE foils has made it possible to create multi-layered, wide-span membranes. The thermal properties of membrane structures were significantly improved, and transparent, extremely light and durable external wall and roof constructions became feasible (Fig.

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