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By Gary Dierking

Build the quickest, such a lot unique sailboats round!

Popular in Hawaii and in the course of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, outrigger canoes mix the romance of the South Seas with a ruthless potency of layout and breathtaking crusing functionality. this is often the first booklet to offer entire plans and development directions for 3 outrigger crusing canoes.

Based on conventional Hawaiian and Micronesian varieties, the designs are light-weight, effortless to construct, and screamingly speedy. writer Gary Dierking exhibits you the way to construct those boats utilizing stitch-and-glue and strip-planking development, explains what instruments and fabrics are required, the way to rig and equip the boats, and more.

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Aluminum tubing, hollow wood, or are installed in an unusual manner, with the pocket openings at the leading edge to allow the sail to be furled completely when lowered. The addition of a tilting mast in my design does make the rig more complex than Gibbons’s original configuration but puts the center of effort where it belongs and greatly relieves the steering load. This sailing rig also allows the use of a smaller, overlapping rig inside of the main rig, sort of like a staysail inside of a jib.

Plywood with five plies is much better than three plies. The bottom panels should be 1⁄4" (6mm) to avoid damage when the hull is resting on rocks. It is not necessary to fiberglass the entire hull if it is built from 29 BUILDING OUTRIGGER SAILING CANOES FIGURE 3-2. The flat-bottomed hull shape of the Wa’apa. FIGURE 3-3. A plywood, diamond-shaped ama with a quick-connecting strut. 30 The Wa’apa 1 weight with you. For that reason, I recommend building foam/fiberglass amas, as they are the lightest that you can build easily.

2 Sq M) Sail leech Boom Mast Tack line Sheet Backstay Batten FIGURE 2-4. A Gibbons/Dierking sail plan. APPROXIMATE TIME AND COST FOR BUILDING THE T2 100 hours. The total time to complete a ready-to-sail T2 is a minimum of 300 hours. S. $1,200. Half of this amount is for the epoxy resin and fiberglass. The ability to “scrounge” used or discarded building materials, hardware, or sails can greatly reduce the cost of the finished canoe. The amount of time that it takes to complete a T2 is widely variable and reflects the personal standards and skill of the individual builder.

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