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If Freeport is understood for whatever, it truly is pirates. convinced, town has a heritage of attracting felony teams, corrupt retailers, and politicians—to say not anything of subversive cults devoted to insane and dreadful gods—but it is the pirates who infest the town and prowl the Serpent's tooth that provide the town of event its doubtful attractiveness. From its first founding as a haven for buccaneers and cutthroats, tested at the pirate's code to realize an uneasy peace among voyages, Freeport has advanced from a dirty little city to a sprawling urban of millions. but in that point, pirates stay the commonest and most well-liked of its citizens.

Buccaneers of Freeport returns to Freeport's roots and examines the colourful and stressful rogues that roam the seas round the urban of experience. Describing 8 pirates, many new, a few notorious, in lavish element, every one access explores the rogue's background, his or her pursuits and agendas, whereas hinting on the curse that retains them at sea and the treasures they defend. moreover, the pirate's key crewmen obtain vast realization, proposing them in all their crafty and brutality to respire existence into the thrill-seeking corsairs. ultimately, the pirate send, allies, and enemies around out the bankruptcy, culminating with a crusade framework that can assist you construct adventures headquartered on those numerous characters.

The buccaneers defined during this sourcebook include:

• 3 Sheets Kimbal: An adventurous and brave corsair famed for his curious dating with woman Luck.
• Scarbelly: The dread orc captain of the Bloody Vengeance, despised and feared by means of enthusiastic about his brutality and viciousness.
• Alfhild: A renegade warrior-maiden became pirate to flee an prepared marriage and the tasks of her homeland.
• Flynn the fast: An formidable privateer that seeks redemption via wiping out piracy in all its forms.
• Get o' Yarash: A hectic send packed with crude and violent mutants and exiles devoted to the bloodthirsty god Yarash.
• Aesha Algosiél: a stunning yet merciless elf maiden who scours the seas for misplaced relics of occult power.
• Xian-Lei: pushed via vengeance and saddled with a dreadful curse, Xian-Lei prowls the seas waging conflict on these he blames for the loss of life of his order.
• Scevola Hest: Cursed to sail the seas all the time at the ghostly vessel named the Black Contessa, Hest and his spectral team strike opposed to any they please.

Buccaneers of Freeport is a online game sourcebook designed for all roleplaying video games. unfastened from mechanics, its contents could be tailored for eco-friendly Ronin's True20 event Roleplaying or the other well known RPG, making sure this sourcebook comes in handy it doesn't matter what crusade surroundings or video game method you utilize. Francisco and Drac can have deliberate good things for Freeport, however the urban of event has regularly been and shall ever be the port of demand pirates worldwide. discover their depraved deeds and heroic exploits in Buccaneers of Freeport!

Buccaneers of Freeport (PDF)
Authors: Ari Marmell, Anthony Pryor, Rodney Thompson, and Robert Vaughn
Format: 144-page fully-bookmarked PDF (10.1 MB download)
ISBN: 1-932442-97-9

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Cover paintings through Michal Ivan

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Cargo Hold Belowdecks, the largest chamber aboard the Bloody Vengeance is the cargo hold. This area is where the pirates store any plunder they take from other ships and towns, and it also holds any supplies they might bring for their voyage. Since the crew rarely eats anything other than iron rations or food taken from other ships, the cargo is usually more full of grog and plunder than anything else. Additionally, two rows of wooden benches sit on small Buccaneers of Freeport balconies in the lower portions of the cargo hold, one on each side of the ship; this is where the orcs row from (when rowing becomes necessary), and a small platform to the aft of the cargo hold gives Aggro a place to stand and call out the timing to the rowing crewmembers.

On several occasions, he has actually sailed after Alfhild, and on one Buccaneers of Freeport Alfhild Chapter III occasion managed to corner the Snow Queen in a narrow inlet. Hoping to seize his brother’s bride quickly and without too much violence, Glyfmar commanded his men to take Alfhild’s ship, but was frustrated when two of Alfhild’s crewmen swam over to the Seadrake, his ship, and ran it aground, allowing the Snow Queen to escape. Glyfmar’s current scheme is more subtle—for him, anyway. He has hired a number of mercenaries and thugs to kidnap Alfhild and hold her for ransom.

However, as a member of the Shieldmaiden cult, Alfhild has pledged a portion of any loot to her battlesisters. The maidens’ share is set aside and kept on board her ship, where it remains untouched, by either her crew or outsiders—such is Alfhild’s reputation none would dare steal from her while she is in port. Every year, the Snow Queen sails to the Shieldmaidens’ island citadel, Bjargísbjörn (Bear Rock), where Alfhild faithfully turns over her yearly share. The Shieldmaidens are an extremely old and influential cult, despite existing on the fringes of northern society.

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