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By C. W. R. Long

With international struggle I and Egypt's vibrant politics as heritage, C.W.R. lengthy tells the tale of 4 proconsuls (McMahon, Wingate, Allenby and Lloyd), their imperative opponent, Sa'ad Zaghul, and the nice occasions of the time: the increase of the Wafd occasion, the rebellion of 1919, the homicide of Sir Lee Stack and the Allenby ultimatum. He sheds new mild at the strife of participants of the excessive fee between themselves and the international place of work, at the fight among Egypt and Britain for possession of the Sudan, on Egypt's struggle for independence and at the failure of democracy to take root within the nation.

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prior to technology outlined the trendy age, different powers, wondrous and magical, as soon as ruled the universe, their lore perfected inside a misplaced capital of hieroglyphs, wizard-kings, and amazing monuments, no longer Egypt -- yet Ægypt.

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After these events, his attitude to McMahon came to verge on indirect (though often fairly directed) insubordination. The relationship of the High Commissioner in Cairo and the GovernorGeneral of the Sudan in Khartum was not clearly delineated. 13 Much depended on the comparative strengths of character of the two men involved at any given time, as Wingate’s waverings show. Cromer’s relations with Kitchener had been uncomfortable and approaching breaking-point by the time the hero of Omdurman departed.

The situation would be safe with someone at Khartoum in whom you have confidence and with whom you could be in close touch, and yourself in Cairo . . 18 Wingate resigned as Governor-General ‘with some reluctance’ and accepted the offer, as he told Curzon later, ‘as it was represented to me . . 19 In the same month as he arrived in Cairo to take up the post, the Asquith government was replaced by that led by Lloyd George. Wingate scarcely knew the new Prime Minister, although he had had a successful negotiating hour with him at Balmoral in 191220 and the occasional round of golf at North Berwick with Balfour, the new Foreign Secretary.

Bigham, home with a memorandum and MS covering letter of 18/23 November to Grey, in which he made out the case (he calls it ‘the sordid facts’) for his salary to be raised to £8,000 tax-free. In a minute of 15 November, Tilley had said he was ‘not in the least impressed by Sir H McMahon’s appeal for greater dignities and for means to support the added lustre of a High Commissionership’ and remarked, ‘I may say also that Capt. ’; a comment on the minute said, ‘I entirely agree with Mr. Tilley. 58 Sykes, the disastrous effects of whose unchecked amateur inclinations on Middle Eastern affairs were to culminate in the monstrous Sykes–Picot Agreement of April/May 1916, went in June 1915 on a special War Office mission to investigate the military and political situation in the Near East and India and to assess the reactions of British officials in the East to the De Bunsen Cabinet Committee report.

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