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By D. A. Low

At the eve of the 50th anniversary of Indian independence Anthony Low examines anew the detailed personality of might be the main momentous fight of the 20th century. He exhibits how the fight was once conditioned by means of the anomaly of the British place, decided to carry quick to their Indian empire but reluctant to provide unyielding resistance to their nationalist rivals. Britain and Indian Nationalism makes an immense contribution to the historiography of contemporary India, to Britain's kinfolk with its empire, and to the heritage of decolonization within the 20th century.

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78 Following upon the traumatic shock of the revolt of 1857 the British took a number of steps, moreover, to buttress their position further. 84 Whilst their colonial state was always a good deal 'thinner' on the ground than those of both the 76 77 78 79 81 82 83 84 This found extremely strong expression, of course, in the non-, even anti-Congress Punjab Unionist Party of the 1920s to 1940s. See generally P. van den Dungen, The Punjab Tradition^ London 1972; Imran Ali, The Punjab under Imperialism, 1885-1947, Princeton 1988; I.

R o t h e r m u n d , Government, Landlord and Peasant in India. Agrarian Relations under British Rule 1865-1935, W i e s b a d e n 1 9 7 8 . M. Bhatia, Famines in India 1860-1945, London 1963. For some striking examples from the Punjab and the United Provinces see Ali, Punjab under Imperialism, pp. 6 6 - 7 2 ; Reeves, Landlords and Governments, chs. W. Cell, Hailey. A Study in British Imperialism, Cambridge 1 9 9 2 , chs. 8 - 1 4 . g. H. Broomfield, Elite Conflict in a Plural Society: Twentieth Century Bengal, Berkeley 1 9 6 8 , ch.

Lonsdale, 'The Politics of Conquest: The British in Western Kenya 1894-1906', Historical Journal, 20,4, 1977, pp. 841-70; or H. Reynolds, The Other Side of the Frontier, Townsville 1981. Introduction: contemporary encounters 27 The implications of all of this for the Indian story can now be drawn out. At the very time when the Indian National Congress started during the years immediately following the First World War to challenge British rule in India as never before, it is important to bear in mind that there were several other major threats to British supremacy too.

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