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By Yang Li

This booklet organically combines the theories in The publication of alterations with TCM, systematically analyses the shut kinfolk among them, and highlights the importance of the philosophy of adjustments to TCM theories. it's a superb educational e-book of technological know-how and in addition a monographic paintings on wellbeing and fitness maintenance, so one can be of serious worth to analyze paintings to either Yi-science and TCM theories.

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Mean- while in the complete Eight Trigrams there exists the growth and decline of Yin and Yang, the ascending and descending of Qi movement . For example, during the four seasons of the Year, the Winter Solstice reflects the rise of Yang, where Fu (Returning) sets ; while the Summer Solstice , reflects growth in Yin, where Gou (Encountering) sets (see figure 10-5) Figure 10-6 Time in the four seasons of Taiji (the Grand Terminus) Notes to this figure : ti1# the beginning of spring k# the beginning of autumn #53' the Spring Equinox )(I the Summer Solstice Figure 10-5 Waning and Waxing of Yin and Yang in Taiji (the Grand Terminus) Notes to this figure : AM-M -K the Summer Solstice - Yin waning *Y-PHt the Winter Solstice - Yang originating M {c 1i A Yin waning and Yang waxing t2 rA M Yang waning and Yin waxing VL* trigram Z* trigram of Qian lfa* trigram of Gou of Fu J F trigram of Kun B.

Uvention of the computer . In 1930, Liu Zihua, a Chinese student ;aa French, worked out the mass, speed and the orbit of the tenth planet using the theory of the eight trigrams . The thesis "The theo- 38 Book of Changes and Traditional Chinese Medicine ry on the Universe Contained in the Eight Trigrams and Modern Astrology ( ( /l T it -mil R'ft * jC ) ) shocked the world and earned him a doctorate degree . The famous Chinese-American schol- ar Dr . Chen Ning Yang also claimed that he was inspired by the theory of the rise and decline of Yin and Yang when he cast doubt Chapter Eight The Contemporary Study of Book of Changes 39 Yin Place "--" 0 if_ry system brcimal System Eight Trigrams, proposed that the oddness and evenness of the two states of atomic energy, though imperishable, are not unchangeable .

It is just as long as Zong Shu . There are ten numbers in the He Map . So a degree in Huang Zhong is ten Cun were also related to the system of Yin and Yang . The Japanese have an intense reverence for Book ~k )) of Changes . is a good example . Furthermore, there are some books on &ik of Changes in Japan that are unavailable in China . A long-established society on Book of Changes in Tokyo publishes a journal . Even in America there are some 400 works on Book of Changes available . The Koreans also valve Book of Changes .

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