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By Sean Mcgrail, Lucy Blue, Eric Kentley, Colin Palmer

This ebook units new criteria for the documentation of water shipping, and introduces forms of boat-building that are not going to be came across open air the sub-Continent. a desirable and available learn for an individual attracted to boats or the South Asian lifestyle, in addition to ethnographers, maritime archaeologists and historians, Boats of South Asia covers fresh, exhaustive fieldwork in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; and covers an enormous array of conventional boats utilized in the sub-Continent this present day for fishing and different coastal, riverine projects.

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1) Motorised boats used as ferries at Bolla Ghat are somewhat greater in size but similar in shape to the barki, and their planking patterns are similar. e. dimensions) and their framing is reinforced to cope with the installation of an inboard engine. There are side timbers in between the floors; the crossbeams rest on beam shelves; and inwales are fitted along the top strakes to stiffen the hull. Bottom boards are also fitted, and there is a special structure for the port-side rudder. Some of these ferries have a short awning over the engine, while others have a longer one to protect passengers.

Severe flood waters in 1988 caused the River Piyain to cut a second channel some kilometres to the southeast of its original bed, leaving an island between the two courses. The new cut, known locally as the Jaflong stream, is now the main channel and Bolla Ghat lies on it. During the dry season, stone and its derivatives are ‘quarried’ from this river bed and its surroundings. Hundreds of boats are used, and thousands of people employed, in the extraction and transport of this material. Bhola Ganj Downstream of Bolla Ghat, at Compani Ganj, the River Piyain is joined by the River Dholai, which rises in the Khasi Jaintia mountains to the north.

B) Patile/pataily (Paˆris, 1843: 43, plan 35). Paˆris depicts a boat with edge-fastened hulc planking at both ends, the pattern being modified to match the rising stern. The text identifies the planking as clinker. Although Paˆris gives a view of the vessel from the port quarter, it is not possible to decide which way the planking overlaps. Surmounting these clinker strakes are five full-length strakes, reducing to three right aft. The crossbeams protrude. This vessel is propelled by several standing oarsmen, some pushing, some pulling.

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