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Start of the Battleship. British Capital send layout 1870-1881 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: start of the Battleship. British Capital send layout 1870-1881Автор: John BeelerИздательство: Caxton EditionsТип: PDFФормат: rarРазмер: 50,9 МБКол-во страниц: 225hotfile zero

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DEFINITIONS, TERMINOLOGY AND SHIPBOARD PHRASES xxxvii Stopping Distance Defined as the minimum distance that a vessel may be seen to come to rest over the ground. The distance is usually determined from a ship’s trials when the vessel is new. Test runs will normally provide the stopping distance: (a) from full ahead after ordering the main engines to stop; (b) from crash full astern (emergency stop). Storm Moorings Shore side moorings which are secured to the vessel in the event of anticipated bad weather while the vessel is alongside.

1. The vessel must be manoeuvred to stem the tidal current as in position ‘1’. 2. Manoeuvre the ship to a position ‘2’ parallel to the moored vessel ‘A’. Wind Ebb Tidal Current 1 3 4 2 5 Stbd. Quarter Rope Moored Vessel 'A' Moored Vessel 'B' Quayside Berthing your own vessel, starboard side to, between two ships already secured alongside, with an onshore wind. 3. Run the best ship’s mooring rope from the starboard quarter to the quayside with the aid of the mooring boat ‘2’ and keep this quarter rope tight, above the water surface.

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