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The gradient the near the trailing edge dictates closely the shape of adverse pressure trailing edge. A finite non-zero trailing edge angle causes a stagnation point at the trailing edge. If a positive l! is used, a very small adverse pressure gradient occurs in the main pressure recovery near the trailing edge and the airfoil would be very thin in this region. Therefore, a positive value of KR should be specified to obtain a trailing edge which is thick enough for construcation purposes. 3 was specified for A* =);:* = 4.

704 1. 821 1. 144 1. 157 1. 169 1. 178 1. 139 1. 135 1. 093 1. 099 1. 062 1. 062 1. 030 1. 993 1. 035 1. 084 33 if the velocity distributions are plotted, the printed values are not of much interest. Such plots can be initiated by a DIAG-line. 15). What can be done in order to obtain a reasonable airfoil? There are two ways. The first possibility is to specify less pressure recovery, for example, higher wand w in the TRA2 line. The correct value will not be found in the first try but it is possible to find a "good" value in a few attempts.

The simple similarity properties of the laminar boundary layer are no longer valid and separation depends on Re. Of course, the Reynolds stresses also increase the skin friction and decrease the separation danger. From both points of view, it is very important to know where and how the turbulence arises in the boundary layer. Sometimes the transition to turbulent flow occurs in a separated boundary layer. In these cases, after the separation of the laminar boundary layer, the transition occurs in the turbulence spreads out and may reach the surface again.

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