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By Katja Hetterle

This examine investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic viewpoint. according to different fresh typological study within the context of complicated sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from a close, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon below scrutiny.

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21:An MDS map of adverbial relations (11 relations) Fig. 22:A SMACOF MDS map of adverbial relations (full data matrix) Fig. 23:Stress values and Shepard diagram for SMACOF MDS solution Fig. 25:A reduction hierarchy of adverbial clauses Fig. 26:A nominalization hierarchy of adverbial clauses List of abbreviations The following abbreviations are used in the interlinear glosses of the examples. They are standardized based of the Leipzig Glossing Rules (Comrie et al. 2008). Slight modifications to the notational conventions were undertaken in some cases to suit the particular needs of this study.

The focus is not only on the degrees to which adverbial relations avail themselves to being multifunctional, but also on the structure of the entire semantic space of adverbial relations, to be established by means of precise statistical methods. Based on these three aspects, the morphosyntactic and semantic structure of adverbial clauses will systematically be mapped out. Following traditional approaches to cross-linguistic comparison and recent trends in usage-based linguistics, the patterns uncovered will be related to functional principles as well as historical developments which result from the ways in which language is used and which are, ultimately, grounded in principles of human cognition.

Katja Hetterle Adverbial Clauses in Cross-Linguistic Perspective Trends in Linguistics Studies and Monographs Editor Volker Gast Editorial Board Walter Bisang Jan Terje Faarlund Hans Henrich Hock Natalia Levshina Heiko Narrog Matthias Schlesewsky Amir Zeldes Niina Ning Zhang Editor Responsible for this volume Volker Gast Volume 289 ISBN 978-3-11-034260-4 e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-040985-7 e-ISBN (EPUB) 978-3-11-040996-3 ISSN 1861-4302 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data A CIP catalog record for this book has been applied for at the Library of Congress.

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