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By Ying, Shuh-Jing (Benjamin)

The publication balances conception and alertness and relates all matters to sensible difficulties, real-world events, and up to date advances that have an effect on lifestyle. this article distinguishes itself with a extra whole creation to fresh advancements in dynamics, new and functional functions to aid the reader bear in mind key theories and makes use of, and an appreciation that the subject material is riddled with ongoing difficulties that desire new solutions.
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Vo 8000 Vo 9000 m~s mLs m/s 25 20 15 5 < 10 i ' 100 Fig. 3 i i 200 300 HORIZONTALDISTANCE[km] Trajectory of the space f i 400 500 vehicle. Angular Momentum (Moment of Momentum) of a Particle Another aspect of the particle dynamics is the change of angular momentum with respect to a certain axis when an external moment is applied. 31) H = r × mv where r is the position vector from the axis to the particle. The relationship between angular and linear momentum is shown in Fig. 6. The moment produced by the force applied to the particle is M=rxF where F = m ( d v / d t ) .

Therefore, additional information will be needed to predict the velocities after the impact. To do this, we will define DYNAMICS OF A SYSTEM OF PARTICLES Before impact Fig. 14 During impact 47 After impact Deformation and restitution during inelastic impact. 42) where R and D are the impact forces during restitution and deformation periods, respectively. The deformation period is the interval between the beginning of contact of the spheres and the instant of the maximum deformation, and the restitution period is the interval between the instant of maximum deformation and the moment that the spheres just separate.

The initial velocities of the balls are V1 = 5i m/s V2 = - 7 . 07 m/s With m l = me, the momentum equation in the x direction gives + vz,- = + v-;x 5 + ( - 7 . 0 7 ) = V(x + V~. = - 2 . 07j Fig. 15 Initial condition of the impact of balls. 47) DYNAMICS OF A SYSTEM OF PARTICLES 49 Solving Eq. 46) and Eq. 47) simultaneously leads to V(x - V~a. = V2x - Vlx = - 7 . 0 = - 1 2 . 0 7 Therefore, in the x direction, the velocities after the impact are V(x = - 7 . 00 m / s In the vector form, the velocities after the impact are V'1 = - 7 .

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