Download AC Maintenance & Repair Manual for Outboard Motors by Jean-Luc Pallas PDF

By Jean-Luc Pallas

The target of this booklet with its exact step by step color photos and diagrams, is to let each proprietor to mend their outboard motor very easily. Troubleshooting tables support diagnose power difficulties, and there's recommendation on common upkeep and winterising and repair.

Jean-Luc Pallas's enthusiasm for passing on his wisdom, in addition to his transparent reasons, specified recommendation and step by step directions make this a special publication.

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The three-star label that the engine meets CARB standards for 2008. Distribution networks There are now close to 200 different outboard engine models available on the market, which is largely dominated by American and Japanese manufacturers. USA The OMC group (Outboard Marine Corporation) distributes a range of ‘identical’ engines through its Evinrude and Johnson network. The Brunswick group and its subsidiary, Marine Power, market Mercury and Mariner engines, which differ only in appearance from their Evinrude and Johnson counterparts.

Pliers General purpose, cutting, or vice grip – each has a specific application. ◆ Hammer Brutal, but indispensable. ◆ Specialised tools A spark plug spanner and its set of feeler gauges are indispensable, as is a wire brush. The multimeter, useful in many cases for checking electrical circuits, is also one of the tools you can’t do without. ◆ Useful products and accessories Keep on hand a spray can of penetrating oil, marine grease and an oil can. Maintenance is a dirty job, so you’d best have some rags and liquid soap to wash your hands.

Some engines use greater reduction ratios, close to one third, to be able to use larger diameter propellers. Inversion This is achieved with a set of gears housed in an oil-filled gearbox located in the lower leg. Oil seals ensure the impermeability of the box. The gear assembly consists of a shaft gear driven by the drive shaft, two counter shaft gears on the propeller shaft, and a shift drum connected to the shaft. The gears are shifted when the shift drum is moved either by a set of control rods, linkage and fork, or a cam and push rod.

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