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By Eve Vaughn

One evening of ardour leads fanatics on a passionate trip neither anticipated. at the evening that are supposed to were her 12 months marriage ceremony anniversary Charlie Brown unearths herself in a bar to drown her sorrows over her deceased wife. something ends up in one other and he or she seeks convenience within the hands of a stranger. Jake sought after Charlie the minute he observed her, yet is aware he needs to take issues gradual with this horny damsel-in-distress. while his provide of aid becomes one steamy evening of ardour, he understands he can by no means allow her pass. Too undesirable shes disappeared from his mattress and out of his existence the subsequent morning.. 3 years go, yet Charlie is rarely faraway from Jakes brain, so it comes as a surprise to him to find that his new worker is none except his dream girl. Charlie is both surprised to discover herself hired by way of Jakes corporation simply because now she has a mystery. This name has been formerly released. caution, this identify includes the subsequent: specific intercourse, photograph language.

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He surveyed every inch of his room. There was no sign of Charlie Brown. ” Jake cursed in frustration. Frantically, he grabbed the phone to call the front desk attendant. “Plaza Hotel, this is Kelly speaking. ” he asked. “I would be happy to check for you Mr. Fox. ” The few minutes that he waited for the receptionist to come back on the phone was pure torture. His heart beat erratically. “Mr. ” “Yes. ” “I’m sorry sir, but there were no messages. ” “No thank you,” he said hanging up. His first reaction was dismay.

Although Charlie refused to give them the name of her baby’s father, they were adamant that she not have an abortion or else they would never forgive her. Not wanting to hurt her parents any further than she already had, Charlie decided to keep the baby, or at least until it was born. There was always the option of adoption. When Christy was born however, Charlie knew that she would never let her baby go. Charlie loved her daughter from the moment she held the little bundle in her arms. From that moment on, Charlie dedicated her life to her child.

In fact, she had to be one of the sexiest ladies he had seen in a long time. Her skin was a rich milk chocolate that looked as smooth a newborn’s. His fingers tingled with the need to touch her skin, if only to see if it felt as soft as it looked. She wore her straightened black hair loosely around her shoulders. Her face was not beautiful in the classical sense, but she was stunning nonetheless. She was dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a tight black silk top. He could tell she was not wearing a bra because he could see the outline of her nipples poking through the fabric.

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