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By Takamitsu Muraoka

This whole lexicon supercedes its previous variants (1993; 2002). - the whole Septuagint, together with the apocrypha, is roofed. - For the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and Judges the so-called Antiochene variation is absolutely coated as well as the knowledge as present in the normal variation through Rahlfs. - additionally absolutely coated are the 2 models of Tobit, Esther, and Daniel. - in accordance with the significantly proven Gottingen version the place it's on hand. If no longer, Rahlfs's version is used. - For as regards to 60% of a complete of 9,550 headwords the entire passages taking place within the LXX are both quoted or pointed out. - an absolutely fledged lexicon, no longer a word list purely directory translation equivalents in English. - Senses outlined. - vital lexicographical information equivalent to synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, contrast among literal and figurative, combos with prepositions, noun instances, syntagmatic details comparable to what sort of direct or oblique gadgets a given verb takes, what sort of nouns a given adjective is used with, and masses additional information abundantly provided and illustrated with charges, in most cases translated. - High-frequency lexemes comparable to prepositions and conjunctions totally analysed. - info on modern Koine and Jewish Greek together with the hot testomony taken under consideration. - Morphological details supplied: a variety of tenses of verbs, genitive kinds of nouns and so on. - sizeable references to the present medical literature. An vital instrument for college students of the Septuagint, the recent testomony, Hellenistic Judaism, and the Greek language.

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B . 6. Cf. pXarcxa). dpon0r|IA, aq. 17 (:: (ppovijioc;). d p p a , aq. f. e. Judith's) xfjv scpsaxoiaav 7iaaiv xoiq U7rdpxouaiv amf\q '.. 10; dcpfjK S V (sc. 11L). Cf. 9. Appajuato<;, a, ov. 21. 'Appa&JIITI<;, iSog. 20. dppoxia, aq. 26. Cf. ppsxo). J inedible: s hum. 22e. Cf. pippGKJKG). DPIXRCRO;, ov. * subst. f. 7, cf. 7rr|yai ~oi 'the sources (of the Nile being) deep down in the ground' Hdt. 8; opp. 26. Cf. 9f.

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